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David Farrant - Bailey Arts David Farrant lives and works in Devon. He was born in London and studied art at Central St Martins college of Art. His early career was spent teaching art whilst also working very successfully as a portrait painter. He no longer paints portraits preferring to concentrate on his figurative painting. David works in oil and acrylic; he likes to work on a fairly large format and tries to hint at a story in the composition of the paintings. He gets his inspiration from observing people in everyday situations and the impact of light, especially sunlight, is very apparent in his work. " I like to think my pictures work on two levels - firstly, and in a formal sense, as compositions in which strong tonal contrast, accents of colour and simplification of form are key elements. Secondly, and in a narrative sense, I hope they carry a mood and the possibility of an unfinished story which the viewer can share" David Farrant 2011 David is represented by The Marine House Gallery in Beer, Devon. His original paintings that are for sale can be seen at

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