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James Blinkhorn - Bailey Arts

James Blinkhorn - Bailey Arts Born in Manchester into an artistic family, James Blinkhorn (1966) sensed very soon that his future would be related to art. His family, conscious of his early flair for the illustration and the painting, took charge of it. As the artist himself says quite simply:“There was no choice!”. After graduating from Tameside College of Art and Design, he set up a studio in Cheshire. He exhibited his work locally in one man shows and soon his reputation grew as a versatile and creative young artist. His artworks, inspired in unconventional scenes, are combined with interesting shapes, textures and colours. He moved on from this to making studies in cityscapes and with his success came the opportunity to travel. New York and many European cities have become the focus of James Blinkhorn’s spectacular work: atmospheric images created using a wide variety of media and art materials. His distinctive style is achieved by using a unique palette of pastels with more than 50 shades of grey, designed specifically to capture every nuance of each scene, without using more conventional colours.

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