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Doug Hyde - Bailey Arts

Doug Hyde - Bailey Arts

Doug Hyde - Born in Bristol 1972, Doug's artistic talent was apparent from an early age, he concentrated on the technical side of drawing and painting throughout his school and college years and after graduation the career of a professional artist was the path that Doug had no hesitation in choosing. Maximum impact is achieved with each piece by being produced on a large scale, giving Doug the physical freedom to express the creative energy that is key to his fresh, contemporary style. Doug has developed a unique style in which the pastel is applied with his fingers and thumbs to create engaging images that make instant and lasting impressions onto it's viewer. Dougs intention is to provoke a positive reaction in his viewers and is inspired by his own emotions and reactions to normal everyday life. Doug has featured on television, both on the BBC and on Channel 4 and has recently been named as the UK's official best selling artist. The extraordinary rise from virtual unknown, to the most popular living artist in the UK has been meteoric, and his stunning original pastels have become genuine collectors items.

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