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Sherree Valentine Daines - Bailey Arts

Sherree Valentine Daines - Bailey Arts

Sherree Valentine Daines - Born in Effingham in Surrey, Sherree undertook a fine art course at the Epsom School of Art after completing her early education. Straight after graduation Sherree persuaded the local institutions to exhibit her work and she experienced immediate success. It wasn't long before she became aparrent to the art world, winning her a number of accolades including Young Artist of the Year from the Royal Society. Captivating elegance with her subtle hand blending of each detail, her impressionistic approach lends unique charm to each stunning, figurative composition. Sherree has become one of the UK's collectable contempoary artists over the course of her impressive career, with an unrivalled reputation in the international arena and a discerning international following of art lovers. Sherree prefers to use oil on canvas as she finds this to be the purest and "most painterly" medium available to her. Due to Sherree's formidable talent she has become a favourite with many celebrity collectors, notably several members of the British Royal Family. Sherree has enjoyed a range of prestigous commissions including portraits of Jonny Wilkinson and Martin Johnson for a pair of Limited Edition Print signed by both artist and player to celebrate England's World Cup victory, the original of Jonny Wilkinson was bought by the man himself. On top of all that many other famous faces in the world of show business have sat for Sherree including, Joanna Lumley, John Sessions and Michael Parkinson but to name a few. 

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