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Fabian Perez - Bailey Arts

Fabian Perez - Bailey Arts

Fabian Perez - Born in 1967, Fabian grew up outside Buenos Aries, Argentina, during the turbulent times that came from the political upheaval from the post Peron military regime. Paired with a unconventional upbringing such a childhood could not fail to impact on every aspect of his life, including his artistic ethos. Fabian's mother Edua, a beautiful Brazilian woman, met Antonio Perez in the late 1950's in Campana, a small city outside Buenos Aries. They Married and had four children, of which Fabian is the youngest. The creative force in Fabian's life came from his mother, whilst his father provided the inspiration for his work. Antonio provided for his family in an unorthodox and often difficult manner. Antonio owned a number of brothels and illegal nightclubs in Campana, and was frequently chased and closed down by the police. Exposing a young Fabian to a whole host of beautiful women, he witnessed the seduction and spells they could place a man under on a daily basis, and it is these memories of his youth and the nightlife combined that we see portrayed in Fabain's paintings today. At the age of 16 Fabian was faced with the tragic loss of his mother, and three years after that his father. The sadness and despair left him lost and looking for answers, heartbroken and alone Fabain sought comfort and inner peace in the study of martail arts, it was through this he crossed paths with the greatest inspiration of his life, Sensei Oscar, who later became his teacher, master, close friend and father figure. In the late 80's Fabain set off on a journey that last's even to the present day, residing in Rio, Venice and Japan. Eventually he decided to try a different side of life in the USA, and in Los Angeles, where he worked all day and painted by night. In 2001 two art publishers met with Fabian and formed a partnership to promote, develop and market Fabains career as a fine artist. Fabain now resides in Beverly Hills California, where he paints, plays soccer, trains and teaches martail arts to friends. He still travels the world for inspiration.

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