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Paul James - Bailey Arts

Paul James - Bailey Arts

Paul James - Paul was born and brought up in Leicestershire. Showing and apparent artistic talent from an early age and with support from his parents he is essentially self taught. After leaving Art College he started to make a living as an artist painting commissions of family pets and classic cars. Following a breif stint into the world of music he finally settled into life as a professional painter, and has established himself as one of the UK's most gifted animal artists. With Pauls paintings ranging from witty metaphorical narratives of wildlife in the urban jungle to affectionate portrayals of farmyard and domestic animals, he uses a humorous approach to his subjects, creating immediate and arresting pieces that have won him worldwide aclaim. Paul currently splits his time between Southen Ireland and the USA, where his work is becoming increasingly popular with collectors, winning him some major accolades along the way, in 2006 he was awarded Signature Membership of "The Society of Animal Artists" based in New York.

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