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Sarah Jane Szikora - Bailey Arts

Sarah Jane Szikora - Bailey Arts Sarah Jane Szikora - oming from a large family Sarah Jane Szikora was constantly looking for ways to amuse herself and soon discovered that drawing and painting were by far her favourite. Making frequent trips to her fathers native Hungary, Sarah first encountered the larger than life ladies and gents, who are probably the earlist influence for the characters in Sarah's paintings. Although finding school an unpleasant experience Sarah Jane Szikora did enjoy art and music classes, so it was only natural for her to pursue an artistic career. Completing a foundation course at Harrogate College of Art where Sarah studied a range of subjects, including photography, sculpture and graphics whilst also maintaining a life long interest in simple drawing, enjoying life classes the most. In 1991 Sarah Jane Sikora set up a business called "Wild Thing" hand making papier-mache models, ranging from twisted newspaper sheep to 7ft giraffes. Selling well from a shop in York, this kept Sarah busy for a couple of years until she decided to display the work she had left college with. The "Big Girls with Attitude" sold suprisingly quickly and encouraged Sarah to concentrate on painting instead of her chosen career. Since then Sarah Jane Szikora has been painting non-stop. Along the way her partner took resposibility for publishing her work as greetings cards until she found an agent who in turn introduced her to Washington Green and Halcyon Gallery in 1995. Sarah Jane Szikora has since had her work published as limited edition prints, greetings cards and jigsaws as well as having a number of various sell-out exhibitions

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