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Baileys Larger Mirrors

Baileys Large Mirrors

On ‘reflection’ you may feel that many internet based companies have ‘magnified’ both their products and their capabilities, substantiated by the fact that their large size mirrors rarely exceed 36” x 48” glass size.  At Bailey Arts, we manufacture our own ranges of ultra large mirrors and as suppliers to the trade – not just a middle man- any saving is passed on to you, the customer.


Your thoughts and ideas coupled with our imagination based on years of experience in the realms of Art and Framing will help us to create for you, a unique mirror – a Work of Art in its own right! 

Alternatively, perhaps you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, a finishing touch to a room perhaps.  Under these circumstances, your imagination is the only limit to the end result.


When designing a mirror, the possibilities are infinite, with 1000s of mouldings and multiple colour choices available .Our experience and resources are at your disposal,  to make your mirror truly unique.  Please feel free to contact us with any query that you may have at this stage.