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Anna Gammans - Bailey Arts

Anna Gammans - Bailey Arts Raised in the historic city of Cambridge, Anna was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Growing up with an Artist for a mother encouraged her to explore various avenues of her creativity before finally settling on her distinctive style. After finishing her degree at the University of York she decided to pursue a career as an artist working in both oil and acrylic mediums. Whilst her concentration has been on understanding the more formal elements of balance, line and form, her unique reconstructions of recognisable cityscapes also explores her instinctive relationship with colour. Her creative process combines the vibrancy and excitement of iconic places with a natural creative energy through the mediums of texture and colour. ‘When painting vibrant and familiar cityscapes, my aim is to create works that are familiar yet unique and energetic.’ Taking inspiration from her mother at a surprisingly young age, Anna gradually began to develop her own response to the scenery and creativity that surrounded her. Works from impressionist masters such as Turner and Matisse have also helped her to find an exciting mid-way between the free expression of ideas and the regimented architectural forms of great cities. Anna has exhibited in various galleries in London, Cambridge and York as well as hosting a solo exhibition in the Autumn of 2013. At the end of last year she gained international recognition for her work with Saatchi. In the summer of 2014 she worked on a high profile interior design project with DAPA and Berkeley Homes at 1Tower Bridge. Most recently, she completed a commission for the University of York commemorating the History department's 50th anniversary. Currently, she is working in London and Cambridge both independently as well as through other collaborative projects.

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